The Area After Sales


These are the responsibilities of the After Sales area


Where can I find my invoice? How do returns work? How do I contact customer service? For the After Sales Area, it’s all about what happens after an item has been purchased on our online marketplace and everything that’s important to the customer. This can include topics such as customer service, login to the customer account and invoice details. The system infrastructure for messages between buyers and customer service in the customer’s account area, as well as the help centre with FAQs also form part of the Area’s responsibility – the teams use routing and prioritisation algorithms here to ensure that communication runs smoothly and quickly. The internal assignment of permissions also plays an important role for the area. 

The aims of the After Sales area


As part of the After Sales Area, you will provide our customers with all the necessary information about their invoice and return options after their purchase on our online marketplace. You will also ensure that communication with our customer service runs smoothly. The Area’s core objective is to help our customers in the shortest time possible.

We asked Teodor, Head of Product, what makes the After Sales Area tick:

The area offers an extraordinary potential to grow. Combined with interesting topics and a friendly team atmosphere, these are the key factors for success.


Working in our area is fun because we have a bunch of different, super friendly and ambitious people. We have already achieved much together, like multiple rebrandings and big go-lives. We handled the natural stress which comes with high responsibility always with a positive mindset and fantastic collaboration.

Teodor, Head of Product

The Area’s horizontals


The After Sales Area has a classic structure within the Tech & Product department. Here are its horizontals:

  • Product Manager
  • Frontend engineers
  • Backend engineers
  • Infrastructure engineers
  • Site reliability engineers
  • Product designers
  • Analysts

How the area exchanges ideas


Regular meetings are crucial to ensure excellent collaboration, especially when working remotely. Each team within the After Sales Area has established its own processes – with transparency and agility of utmost importance. These can be diverse meetings – from a jour fixe to a coffee call to a brainstorming session.

But of course, there are also cross-area meetings:

These meetings reflect on past projects to ensure that processes within the Area can be constantly improved.

Anyone in the company can join the reviews. This keeps management, key stakeholders and teams from other departments informed about what has happened in the past sprints in the After Sales Area.