Balancing Career and Family at Kaufland e-commerce

07.12.2022 0 von Salome Schwarz

Children bring huge amounts of joy, along with quite a few new challenges. To make our employees’ lives easier during this challenge-packed time, here at...


We stick together – even when we’re working remotely

In our day-to-day work, we place the highest priority on having a harmonious working relationship and solidarity within our team. While we were living these...


Swapping the hamster wheel for an ever-improving cycle: Fatih develops the optimal product

27.09.2022 0 von Julia Götzl

His job title, Vice President of Product, might sound a bit technical. But Fatih is absolutely a #teamplayer who sets a priority on people in...


One apprenticeship, two stories

Do you want to start off your working life the right way? Or perhaps you already have experience and want to take a new path?...


This is Kaufland e-commerce

10.03.2022 0 von Elena Busche

On 14th April 2021, the time had come: became! We are delighted to finally announce the name of our new employer brand: Kaufland...


What is the job of … the SEO team?

Not only does our SEO team make recommendations for search engine optimisation of the online marketplace, but it is deeply rooted in various departments of...


Women in tech – part 2

Meet Kim-Canan and Sarah from our tech department

05.01.2022 0 von Elena Busche

Women in tech: This is one of the most discussed topics these days. Currently, most IT-departments are dominated by men – for now. We want...