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Team Events at Kaufland e-commerce

22.08.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Twice a year, every team at Kaufland e-commerce has the opportunity to host a company-paid team event. In this blog, we'll tell you all about...


4 questions for … Hannah

23.03.2023 0 von Elena Busche

In our format "4 questions for ..." some of our colleagues share their experiences with Kaufland e-commerce with you. Last time we asked Salome, this...


Women in Tech – Part 3

08.03.2023 0 von Elena Busche

We have already introduced you to some women from our Tech & Product department in various articles − but the topic of "Women in Tech"...


flex.forward: Our solution for your development

21.02.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Do you feel stuck right now? Have your tasks become routine and you see nothing new on the horizon within your area of responsibility? Then...


4 questions for … Salome

18.01.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Welcome to our new format: “4 questions for...” In this space, a few of our colleagues will share their experiences at Kaufland e-commerce with you....


Our Year 2022

23.12.2022 0 von Elena Busche

When the end of the year arrives, we tend to get a little sentimental and start looking back at it – with all its highs...


Sarah’s master thesis on web accessibility: An interview

16.12.2022 0 von Elena Busche

Our UX researcher Sarah started her journey with Kaufland e-commerce as a working student. The company supported her in every way possible by sponsoring her...


Back after nearly three years: Our 2022 summer party

07.12.2022 0 von Elena Busche

Due to the pandemic, we had to hold all our company events fully virtually. All the more reason for us to celebrate an in-person event...


Learning from Colleagues: Our Academy

18.08.2022 0 von Elena Busche

Our internal knowledge management is an asset for both the speakers and their audience. True to our principles “Think like a Company Owner”, “Raise the...


This is Kaufland e-commerce

10.03.2022 0 von Elena Busche

On 14th April 2021, the time had come: real.de became Kaufland.de! We are delighted to finally announce the name of our new employer brand: Kaufland...


Women in tech – part 2

Meet Kim-Canan and Sarah from our tech department

05.01.2022 0 von Elena Busche

Women in tech: This is one of the most discussed topics these days. Currently, most IT-departments are dominated by men – for now. We want...


real.digital, Kaufland and the Schwarz Group

The beginning of an exciting success story

26.11.2021 0 von Elena Busche

On October 1st 2020 the day has finally come: real.digital becomes part of the Schwarz Group and will operate the online marketplace Kaufland.de. real.digital goes...


Women in Tech: Meet Olga

Within the Diversity Month (May) we want to highlight the importance of gender equality within our company. In order to make careers in tech more...