4 questions for … Hannah

In our format „4 questions for …“ some of our colleagues share their experiences with Kaufland e-commerce with you. Last time we asked Salome, this time it’s about Hannah, who started with us as a working student and is now a full-time trainee.

1. Dear Hannah, following your time as a working student with us, you have decided to start a traineeship in Online Marketing. Congratulations on your new position! Tell us how you made your decision.

First of all, thank you so much for your congratulations – I am also very much looking forward to the new challenge! Since my professional focus thus far has been primarily in the area of social media, I told my Team Lead Martin (Head of CRM) that I wanted to learn about other areas of online marketing and expand my knowledge in that way. By doing so, I hope to develop a greater understanding of the collaboration between the teams. I am looking forward to a very educational experience, and I am excited to find out which assignments best suit me.


2. What do you like about Kaufland e-commerce as an employer?

I particularly like the company’s long-term experience in e-commerce, combined with flat hierarchies and a unique team spirit. Whether within my own team or across teams: My interactions with all of my colleagues and managers are very positive. Right from the start, they show you a lot of trust, and allow you to work independently to a great extent. Despite this, I always receive support whenever I have questions or feel uncertain about something, so that we can find a solution together. I also receive regular feedback. That allows me to always keep developing my skills. Another plus is the outstanding flexibility we have as employees. We have the option of working in one of our offices or remotely – the choice is left up to us. This, combined with our flex time model, helps me optimize my work/life balance.

Looking for a job?
Perfect, we are always searching for new additions to our team!
Welcome :)

3. Do you already know what awaits you as a trainee?

As a trainee, I will have the opportunity to move through different areas of online marketing. I think it is great that I can choose the teams that I would like to work in, and that everything else is arranged and coordinated for me. I’ll be starting in my current team, CRM. I will spend a few months there in Campaign Management and in the Newsletter team. Then I will learn about the Retail Media and Performance Marketing teams.

4. What would your recommendations to other students be if they are looking for a position as a working student or trainee?

I would recommend that you choose an employer who you feel offers a good onboarding process and invests in both your personal and professional development. If you are just starting your career, you may feel nervous about jumping into working life. In my opinion, choosing a company that makes this start as positive and easy as possible really pays off.