Digital Onboarding with our Welcome Day

The onboarding at Kaufland e-commerce is completely digital. This allows us to recruit new colleagues throughout Germany. The introduction process varies from team to team – but what stays the same for all new KECse is the Welcome Day. We will talk about our onboarding process in more detail below.  

From the job interview to day one: it’s all digital  

Since March 2020, our onboarding process for new employees has taken place online. From the job interview to the Welcome Day and introduction in the team – every single stage of your start with us is digital. If you and your manager or a member of your team live near one of our offices, a face-to-face meeting is also possible.  


Digital onboarding begins with your application, as your interview will also take place in the form of a video meeting. The next steps follow:  

  • Your digital contract signature.  
  • We will ask you in advance about your equipment requirements for your flexible workplace (laptop, screens, etc.) so that you can have your hardware sent to you in good time for your day one or pick it up from our office. If you realize that you are still missing something later, you can of course order it from our IT department at any time.  
  • Your new manager will organize a buddy from your team for you. They will help you with orientation and answer all your questions during the first three months.   

Kristina (Tech Recruiter) tells us:  

Everything is super organized. The hardware arrives on time and all you really have to do is open your laptop, log in to Teams and from then on you are taken by the hand. 

Want to find out more about our Buddy Program?

Our Buddy Program: Newbies are assigned a member of their team who can explain all processes in the company and answer any questions they may have. The program also helps existing employees to participate in the company’s development and expand their mentoring skills.  

Find out more here. 

We introduce you to our company: The Welcome Day  

Our Welcome Day usually takes place on the 1st and 15th of each month, i.e. when the newbies start with us. The „big“ Welcome Day is on the 1st of the month and lasts around 3 hours. As some employees also start in the middle of the month, there is a smaller Welcome Day that lasts around one hour. 

All employees who start in the middle of the month complete both thesmall“ and thebig“ Welcome Day in the following month. Of course, they do not have to listen again to the part that was already presented in the first Welcome Day.  
Beim Welcome Day stellt ein Mitglied der Geschäftsführung, in diesem Fall Fabi, den Newbies das Unternehmen genauer vor.

But how does the Welcome Day look like? All new colleagues come together via MS Teams.   

Part 1:  

At the beginning, a member of the management team gives a presentation about Kaufland e-commerce, in which our company, our goals, our culture and other information are presented. Here you can ask any questions you have about Kaufland e-commerce.  


Part 2:   

This is followed by a networking session where the newbies can get to know each other better in breakout sessions. 


The technology was utilized perfectly. Thanks to Teams, we formed breakout sessions where we could talk to each other in small groups. I thought that was particularly good, because in a large group with all the newbies, you might be a bit shy at first, says Kristina.  


Part 3:   

Now a member of the HR department gives you general company information such as core working hours, absence regulations, useful tools and benefits and brief information about our office locations. Here you have the opportunity to ask all your questions.   


Part 4:   

Then it’s time for the technical stuff – if, contrary to expectations, you have any problems setting up your hardware, our IT support team will be on hand to help you ad hoc and in person.  

Nele still remembers her Welcome Day: You always had the feeling that you could ask anything, so I just felt well looked after and welcome.“ 

Our HR colleague Sandra is currently organizing the Welcome Day:   

I really enjoy having the opportunity to get to know all the new colleagues across departments. I always put myself in the position of what it was like for me to start at KEC and what information was important for me, or what uncertainties there might be. Depending on what kind of company/industry you come from or whether it’s your first real job, you have different expectations or questions. I try my best to pick everyone up and bring them up to the same level of information. And, of course, to take away the excitement of the first day in a new job. If everyone feels comfortable and gets the information they need, I’m happy. 😊  

Sandra, HR Business Partner Tech & Product

What happens on your first day   

After the Welcome Day, which usually ends at around noon, it’s time for a lunch break. At 2 p.m., your first training session (self-study via our new e-learning platform) on Occupational Safety takes place; this is mandatory for all employees before they start working at Kaufland e-commerce. This is followed by individual onboarding with your new team and your team lead. Each team can organize this themselves and it usually takes a couple of weeks.   

Looking for a new job?
Awesome, we always need new additions to our team!


Welcome :)

Training and education: Your first month at Kaufland e-commerce  

During your first few weeks at Kaufland e-commerce, you will receive a variety of training courses to familiarize yourself with various topics such as antitrust law, data protection, feedback and information security. 

The general training courses were very comprehensive and provided a good overview of all departments. You get exclusive background knowledge about how a marketplace works. It also allowed you to make contacts, says Nele (Senior Event Managerin, national/international).

But your first few weeks aren’t just about learning – after your first month, our HR team organizes a virtual Newbie Coffee Break. Here you can catch up with the newbies you already met at the Welcome Day and talk about your experiences in the starting phase. 

After 6 weeks, we want to hear your opinion: You will be sent an online survey about the onboarding process and can fill it out. In this way, we want to ensure that the needs and wishes of our newbies are always heard. 

The opportunities and challenges of digital onboarding   

Compared to on-site onboarding, the digital form has both advantages and challenges. Nele, for example, found it pleasant that she didn’t have to worry about the commute for the first day. Kristina was also relieved that she didn’t have to stress about commuting and could start from the comfort of her own home.  

„Of course, it’s always a bit more difficult to come across as authentic on video than when you actually meet,“ says Nele. „Emotions are inevitably lost and the typical break-time conversation on the way to the coffee machine in the office doesn’t take place either. But there were short digital coffee breaks where you could chat and socialize,“ she continues. „Social interaction must continue to be cultivated and this is also encouraged within the company. I always felt welcome and comfortable and I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.“ 

What digital onboarding feels like  

Kristina was previously responsible for onboarding at another company and tells us about her experience of the digital onboarding with her professional perspective:  

It worked incredibly well because the implementation was perfect! Everyone took their time and everything you would expect from a regular starting day was also available digitally. I had the feeling that in this onboarding process, all colleagues were aware of what things might be missing. That’s why digital opportunities were created that still ensure a personal exchange without it getting weird. I got such a good impression of the company and the way people interact with each other that it was a perfect start for me. 


Our newbie tips for digital onboarding  

Kristina and Nele have put together a few tips for our newbies facing digital onboarding:

– Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly organized!  

– Be curious and authentic, and don’t be put off by the camera!  

– Always ask directly if there are any uncertainties!  

– Exchange ideas with other newbies even after onboarding!  

– Keep meeting up for digital coffee!