What’s the job of… the Social Media team?

Without social media, nothing works. This is not only true for almost all of us in our private lives, but also in the professional world. The topic of social media is an important part of marketing measures and customer communication in every industry. Who is behind the Social Media B2C team at Kaufland e-commerce? In this edition of our “What’s the job of…” series, we introduce you to the people behind our posts on Facebook, Insta and others.

Key trend: keeping the focus on the user

The team currently consists of Nora, Hannah and Martin. They take care of the omni-channel strategy and the B2C communication of our marketplace: Together with Kaufland’s office-based colleagues, synergies are developed to meet the interests of the target groups and provide them with appropriate content on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. To do this, it is crucial to step into the users’ shoes, because this is the only way to create relevant and high-quality content that conveys the desired message and sells our brand to customers.


For this to succeed, it is important for the team to always be up to date: they are all experts on the latest social media trends. This means they can keep their finger on the pulse and inspire users.




… mainly takes care of the marketplace content which is played on Facebook and Instagram. She is primarily responsible for the conception and implementation of social-side support for campaigns. Acting as an interface for numerous internal and external stakeholders, she also handles retail media enquiries and looks after our influencer and blogger collaborations.

What I like most about social media is the “social”: the close flow of communication, a lot of teamwork and working out creative campaigns together. Also, my work is incredibly varied due to the large number of brands and products available at Kaufland.de. It’s exciting to regularly engage with new brands and products as well as new platforms and content formats.

(Nora, Team Social Media)


The “social” can be found at every turn in Nora’s work: She unearths further potential to inspire our users with new formats such as social commerce and live shopping, organises competitions and looks after our community. Not only does she deal with marketplace topics, but she also works closely with the office-based social media team and additionally has insights into the work of Kaufland’s international social media managers.




…is currently a working student in the Social Media team. In her role, she not only supports the team with analyses, content selection, competitions and other aspects of the day-to-day business, but is even responsible for her own area: she maintains the Pinterest account and inspires our followers with it. Ideas, products and projects make up a large part of the published Pins. With her posts, Hannah creates a very particular awareness of our brand along the customer journey. Just like Nora and Martin, she is an absolute team player and completes her tasks wit great enthusiasm.

The most special thing about our team is the cohesion, the communication and the speed with which we act. This is also thanks to the short coordination paths between us and the fact that we are passionate about what we do. Due to the different products that are available on our marketplace, my work is very varied and I enjoy putting myself in the shoes of the followers and being the link between the online marketplace and the users.

(Hannah, Team Social Media)


… completes the trio. As team leader, he is responsible for the overall direction of the team as well as strategic decisions on projects and channels. This involves working closely with colleagues from the German and international social media teams of the office-based division.


As well as social media, Martin is also entrusted with topics from the areas of newsletters, rating portals, campaign management, retail media and our Kaufland Card loyalty programme, among others. This broad spread enables him to ensure perfect cross-team cooperation and to use additional synergies.

What do I love about my work? The constant further development or evolution of the channels at content level. But I also enjoy the various functionalities such as social shopping and live streaming as well as the data- and user-driven optimisations. As far as our team is concerned, I am proud to see how we have developed in the face of various challenges – with the help of this adaptability, we are also mastering the upcoming internationalisation.

(Martin, Teamlead Social Media)

And that’s not everything!

This April, our online marketplace Kaufland.de celebrated its first birthday – the perfect reason to pop some corks and toast our social media channels. Of course, a fitting anniversary campaign only succeeds if the entire team works together with passion and diligence. Of course, the posts have been planned and written, all the necessary agreements have been made, the graphics have been commissioned and prepared, signed off by all the stakeholders, and so on…

Such special or seasonal topics obviously create more work in addition to the numerous tasks from the day-to-day routine and demand the best cooperation from everyone – but that’s no problem for Nora, Hannah and Martin.



And that’s still not everything!

Kaufland is represented with its stores in eight countries and the online marketplace is also becoming international! In 2023, we will go live in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and launch the Kaufland Global Marketplace. The topic of internationalisation has been an integral part of the social media team’s daily work for several months now. The design of the cooperation with on-site colleagues and the perspective control of new content for the upcoming marketplaces are only two of the most important topics.

You reckon that’s too much work for three people? Then apply now to support them with the internationalisation!