Your work within the CRM team


Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, comes under the umbrella of online marketing. It is made up of several teams. This allows the multitude of tasks and topics to be distributed more precisely and managed more clearly. We will introduce you to the teams, your potential new colleagues and their areas of responsibility in more detail.

These are the teams that make up CRM: 

  • Social media team
  • Newsletter team
  • Loyalty team
  • Campaign management team
  • Deals team

This distribution allows each team to focus one hundred percent on their topic of expertise to deliver the best possible results. Nevertheless, all CRM team members are in regular contact (not only at team events 😊) and coordinate their campaigns, ideas, and results with each other.

These are the tasks that you will handle


An important part of the CRM team’s work is the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns. As these are not only placed on our international online marketplaces, but also in stationary advertising media such as flyers, radio and TV commercials as well as directly in Kaufland stores, close cooperation with colleagues from stationary marketing is required here. Other tasks include

the creation of organic social media content around our international online marketplaces

  • creating newsletters focusing on campaigns, specific product categories or products from the online marketplace
  • expanding the Kaufland Card as the customer loyalty programme for the online marketplace.

Here’s what Martin, Head of CRM, has to say:

I really enjoy the variety of topics that CRM gets to cover! The focus is always on the customers and the goal is to reach them effectively. Creativity is just as important as a good understanding of numbers. In addition, we have large overlaps with the offline marketing teams and complement the omnichannel strategy of the Kaufland brand. This gives us the exciting opportunity to use POS advertising media for the online marketplace as well.


What does each team do?


Would you like to find out more? Let’s take a look at the topics and tasks of the individual CRM teams in more detail:

SOCIAL MEDIA: The social media team follows an omnichannel strategy. This means that campaigns and promotions from both our online marketplace and Kaufland stores are advertised on our social media channels. This requires a regular exchange and well-run workflow in coordination with offline marketing, as well as lots of creativity, and a strong grasp of current trends and analytical skills.

here’s what Nora, Team Lead Social Media, says:

As a social media team focusing on the online marketplace, we also maintain close communication with the various international, offline retail social media teams. This is a great way to learn from the experience of other teams, develop synergies and unlock new potential, such as cross-selling opportunities.


LOYALTY: The Loyalty team counts competitor analysis and benchmarking loyalty programmes as part of their daily work. In addition, the team tackles issues such as expanding our Kaufland Card, searching additional benefits and picking suitable advertising materials for the programme. The team’s goal is consistent, sustainable success of the loyalty programme.

NEWSLETTER: The Newsletter team takes care of planning and coordinating campaigns as well as creating and sending newsletters. Thanks to A/B tests, elements such as shipping times can always be adapted to the habits of our customers. In addition, the team develops strategies to further develop and improve e-mail marketing.

here’s what Jana, Online Marketing Manager, says:

What I particularly enjoy about working in CRM is that you work both strategically and operationally and have a lot of freedom to contribute your own ideas, be creative and make a difference. Also, you’re not left to face challenges alone; our team supports each other at all times.


CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Here, the focus is on the campaigns of our online marketing: These include seasonal campaigns, such as Christmas or Black Week, as well as theme-specific campaigns linked to customer needs, product categories that are doing well, or special deals. When conceptualising campaigns, we have to take all our various marketing channels into account. We request copy from the UX copy team, discuss designs with our graphics team, and build the landing page. To ensure that sufficient products and the deals are available for the campaigns, the team also coordinates with direct sales and marketplace management. There are also regular exchanges with the brick-and-mortar Kaufland team. This ensures that all marketing channels can be used to their full potential and the complete product range (food and non-food) from the stores as well as the online marketplace can be brought closer to the customer.

Here’s what you can expect during your CRM team onboarding


So, you’ve successfully completed the application process and your first day on the CRM team is coming up? Congratulations! During the first days and weeks everything will be new to you, but you will have enough time to get to know the company, your team and your tasks. In addition to the Welcome Day, which is held for all newbies, each team has its own concept for welcoming new employees.

here’s what Sofie, Junior Online Marketing Manager, says:

I immediately felt welcome within the team. Everyone took a lot of time to explain things to me – be it technical questions or questions about the corporate culture. I was immediately struck by the open communication, the distinctive feedback culture and the impression that everyone really enjoys their work. Despite working remotely, a great deal of value is placed on interpersonal exchange within the team. Also, my opinion was valued from the beginning, which encouraged me to contribute and push forward with my ideas.


Here’s how the team works together


Although CRM is divided into different teams, synergies, coordination and regular exchanges are essential. These meetings help keep the team connected:

These are short morning calls with all team members.

On Mondays, we discuss all the topics that are coming up during the week.

Every Friday, we recap the week’s high and lows and discuss how we feel it went. We also use this as a kind of “after-work drink” to stay connected even while working remotely.

In these meetings, we reflect together on what went well and where action items are needed to improve collaboration.

If someone in the team needs creative support, these team meetings help generate new ideas.