Your work on the Retail Media team


As part of Online Marketing, the Retail Media team has a large area of responsibility. From our Sponsored Product Ads to the implementation of new advertising spaces both on- and off-site, the team is working hard to further increase the success of our international online marketplaces. We will introduce you in more detail to your potential new tasks and some team members.


These are the goals you will pursue together with your new team


Behind the term Retail Media is the opportunity for our sellers, manufacturers and suppliers to increase their visibility through paid advertisements both on- and off-site. In on-site marketing, we primarily take care of Sponsored Product Ads, which enable ad slots to be booked on the marketplace. In addition, advertisers can also book placements externally, such as in the newsletter or on social media.

The aims and focal areas of our Retail Media team are clearly defined:

Through the offers for our sellers, suppliers and manufacturers who want to ensure increased visibility of their products, we increase advertising income. This is done, for example, through paid ads on our website (e.g. Sponsored Product Ads) and off-site in newsletters.

Our self-service advertising toolSponsored Product Ads” on is constantly being developed. The acquisition of new sellers and vendors as advertising partners also plays an essential role here. 

As further monetisation measures, the Retail Media team is constantly on the lookout for new ad slots along our customer journey – for example, on homepage banners, teasers in the newsletter, and (paid) social media placements. 

What does the term retail media actually mean?  

Retail media refers to the use of online shops or marketplaces as advertising space. Since many users search for their desired product directly on these platforms instead of googling them, sellers, manufacturers and suppliers can place their products prominently via paid advertising space. This way, they become more visible among the multitude of products offered on the respective platform. Retail media is often equated with the term trade marketing.  

How to exchange information with your team 


To achieve common goals, good communication is crucial. Especially when team members work remotely. The exchange in the Retail Media team takes place in various meetings, either on site or via Teams. These consist of:  

  • Weekly jour fixes: 1:1 meetings to clarify current projects and individual concerns 
  • Weeklys: Weekly meetings involving the entire Retail Media team  
  • Big rock exchange: Regular discussion of larger, long-term issues 
  • OKR update: OKRs are goals developed together by the team. They should be achieved every four months; to ensure that these do not lose their focus, the team discusses their status on a regular basis 
  • Brainstorming sessions: The start for new topics 
  • Retro sessions: Every three months, the team looks back together and identifies strengths, learnings and weaknesses 

In addition, you and your team will be in close communication with other teams across the company, both within Marketing and across departments, including Marketplace Management, Vendor Management, and Tech. Beyond meetings, Slack helps as a quick communication tool, while Confluence serves as a wiki for reference and support for onboarding new employees. In addition, the Retail Media team uses tools such as Salesforce and our ticket system to ensure transparent communication both within the team and with other departments.

What makes your future team so special  


Thanks to various stakeholders and different marketing disciplines, work in the Retail Media team is never boring. We asked some team members – your potential new colleagues – about it:  

Here’s what NINA, Retail Media Team Lead, says:


Work in the Retail Media team is extremely exciting, especially as this area is becoming more and more important both in the stationary stores and in our company. Thus, it offers high potential to grow, and we are constantly looking for new ways to market our sellers’ products even more successfully. With our Sponsored Product Ads, we have already created a promising and easily scalable tool, which we are constantly optimizing. For that, we can bring in our own ideas in a great way.

Also, our everyday work varies a lot because we work together with so many different teams. This gives us insights into other areas of the company – be it the other Marketing teams, the Marketplace and Vendor Management or Tech and Product.



Here’s what Mareike, Online Marketing Manager – Retail media, says:


What I particularly like about working in the Retail Media team is the close collaboration within our small team, as well as the interfaces with other departments. Retail Media is gaining more and more attention in the industry. Therefore, we can actively shape the area within our company and continuously develop our daily work, as well as support exciting large projects. 

Current vacancies in the Retail Media team 


Does this sound exciting to you? Then apply today and become part of this special team. These positions are currently available: