The Area Supply Chain Technology


The tasks of the Supply Chain Technology Area cover two fields: First off, the Area is fully responsible for processing direct sales on the online marketplace. Secondly, the Area works on improving shipment and return processes. Let us show you what makes these two fields special and how the Area collaborates.  


Kaufland: A seller on the online marketplace


The goal of the Supply Chain Technology Area is to strengthen direct sales on our online marketplaces and to act as a role model for other sellers. When acting as a seller, Kaufland sets standards, offers quality products at the best prices and guarantees a seamless shipment process. The Area aims to offer our customers an ideal shopping experience when buying products directly via our platform. To achieve this goal, our Enterprise Resource Planning System supports direct sales through efficient implementation and scaling of its activities. This includes integrating suppliers, procuring goods for our warehouses, competitive price calculations, optimised package shipments to customers and robust supplier accounting. 

Creating a seamless shipment and returns experience 


The second field covered by the Area is revolutionising the shipment and return experience on our online marketplaces. Our Delivery Experience and Return Experience teams hold the crucial roles of changing our customers’ shopping experience for the better. Here’s what makes both these teams tick:  

The Delivery Experience Team gives its all to perfect every shipment carried out by Kaufland: Customers should be able to receive their orders at the perfect time and tailored to their wishes. The team’s job is to ensure that every order arrives exactly how, when and where our customers desire.

Our returns team strives to give our customers the tools and information they need in order to make lasting purchasing decisions. The team’s goal is to achieve a quick and problem-free returns process. We work together to exceed our customers’ expectations and reshape the world of e-commerce – one order at a time. Come with us on our journey. Help us create an online shopping experience that not only fulfills our customers’ expectations, but exceeds them, leaving them impressed and content.

The Area’s tech stack  


Every Area works with its own customised tech stack – here’s what the Supply Chain Technology Area has under the bonnet:  

How the Area’s teams communicate  


Every Area consists of several different teams. To keep the common goals in sight, the teams meet up regularly.  

  • The developer teams meet up for regular scrum meetings like dailies, planning meetings and backlog refinement.  
  • Tech exchange meetings are where the backend teams meet up weekly, and the frontend teams every two weeks.  
  • Plus, every employee has a one-on-one meeting with their manager every two weeks, and there’s a development tracking discussion twice a year.  
  • Area-wide announcements take place depending on the topic and time, such as when the OKRs have to be set.  

The Area’s horizontals/roles  


Every Area has different roles. These are horizontals of the Supply Chain Technology Area:  


  • Head of Product 
  • Product Manager 
  • Product Designer 
  • Analyst 
  • Head of Product Engineering 
  • Engineering Manager 
  • Frontend/Backend Engineers 
  • Product Operations Manager