nachhaltigkeit bei kec

Sustainability at Kaufland e-commerce


We want to increase our sustainability: As an employer, we endeavour to make our own contribution to a greener world with large and small changes. Read on to find out about how we’re making it happen.


Sustainability in everyday working life


We are constantly striving to reduce our CO2 footprint and that of our employees. Here’s what we do:


  • At KEC, we offer the opportunity to work remotely which reduces our CO2 footprint: Skipping the daily commute means producing significantly less exhaust fumes, as well as using less petrol and fewer resources.
  • Online meetings: We can work from anywhere in Germany. To ensure that we don’t have to travel across the country for meetings, we offer them online – regardless of whether it’s a jour fixe with a colleague from your team or a company-wide monthly.
  • As paper-free as possible: Printing is a thing of the past! With a few exceptions, we process and sign documents digitally. This allows us to reduce paper consumption and save as many resources as possible by sending documents by e-mail rather than by post.
  • Bye Bye Plastic: In our Cologne office we drink soda and filtered water from the tap instead of buying plastic bottles.

A sustainable application process


We are also trying to reduce the number of journeys involved in the application process. That’s why we keep it all online.

First, all applicants upload their documents to our website. After the initial screening by our HR colleagues, either a telephone interview takes place or the applicants send a video of themselves answering some questions. Depending on the job description, this is followed by an online interview and meetings with the team – face-to-face, but still online and therefore resource-efficient.

Sustainable professional development


How does Kaufland contribute to greater sustainability? To what extent are we already sustainable with the online marketplace? What can I personally do in my everyday life to conserve resources? We KECs learn all this in the sustainability training offered to all employees. The online course explains the sustainability goals of Kaufland and Kaufland e-commerce, shows current figures on the topic and offers many tips on how to conserve resources and save CO2.

Sustainably active


We’re not just an online community! We’re also active in person and on site. An example of this is the River Clean Up campaign, organised by Kaufland: We met on the banks of the Rhine in Poll, equipped with gloves, bin bags and safety vests. We collected rubbish for several hours and then disposed of it properly. You can be sure of one thing: This won’t be the last campaign of its kind – the next one is already being planned!

Diversity and equal opportunities are also integral parts of sustainability – find out here how we’re increasing diversity at Kaufland e-commerce!