Our company culture


We are the team behind the international online marketplaces of Kaufland: Several thousand sellers and millions of products make us one of the fastest growing online marketplaces. Our work is characterised by a dynamic culture with a startup mentality and the power of a big corporate group. We combine knowledge and many years of experience in e-commerce with flat hierarchies and a highly motivated team. Whether you’re an intern or an executive, we take every idea seriously, because we want to work together with you to shape the future of e-commerce! Apply here:

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The future needs visionaries: Our vision

We firmly believe that we can only be successful if we are future-oriented and pursue a concrete vision. This is why our long-term goal is clearly defined:

We want to become the most popular online marketplace in Germany!

That is what we work on every day with heart and soul. All of our team members are committed to this future, which provides the foundation for our entire corporate strategy.

Our tool in fulfilling our vision: The mission

Our mission defines how we want to become the most popular online marketplace in Germany:

As the country’s most popular online marketplace, our focus is on the customer, who we want to inspire with an all-round successful shopping experience.

This includes not only aspects like the broadest product range and lowest prices, but also the most reliable, fastest and most flexible delivery of our products, the most streamlined processes and a perfect user experience. To specify, visualise and realise our mission, we use a corresponding strategy of annual and tertiary goals. These are defined by executive management as well as every single team via objectives and key results (OKRs) and are transparently available to everyone in the company. These KPIs help us to bear our goals in mind during our daily work without neglecting agility or losing sight of our vision. Our OKRs make our successes quantifiable and help our organisation to focus on successfully realising our mission. For this reason, the goal- and data-driven work of our teams is the most important factor for achieving our vision.

Last but not least are our principles in which our work together is rooted:

Our Principles

We are humble, hungry, smart, pragmatic. We are team players.

We want to make an impact.

Role model at all times Role model at all times

We always set a good example. We are empathic, honest, thoughtful, reliable and consistent. We actively seek and give constructive feedback.

Think customer first Think customer first

Long term success comes from providing the best experience for our customers. Our journey always starts with the customer's needs and ends with customer satisfaction. Our merchants are key to customers' satisfaction. Therefore we provide an extraordinary selling experience for our merchants while working hard together to ensure the highest level of service for our joint customers.

Create transparency, earn trust Create transparency, earn trust

Trust is our foundation we work hard to deepen it. Creating transparency is vital for trust. We share progress results (good and bad!) and arising issues immediately. When important information is accessible everyone can understand the goals of the company and feel empowered to make better decisions independently.

Change or die Change or die

If we do not change all the time - the company will die. If we only change when things are already going bad - we are too late. We install a mindset of positive evolution. When a process is slow or cumbersome we make it better. If it is not adding value we remove it. We adopt a state of mind and continuously want to improve the status quo.

Act as a company owner Act as a company owner

We always act as if the company was ours. We favour long term value over short-term results. “This is not my responsibility” is never an acceptable answer. The best ideas must win and we know they can come from everyone.

Don’t believe - know Don’t believe - know

Decisions are based and derived from data. We know our numbers we constantly explore and monitor our metrics KPIs and our competitors. We always measure progress and success.

Raise the talent bar Raise the talent bar

We get out of our comfort zone. We raise the bar with every people decision. Exceptional talent with outstanding work ethic and breathing our company culture is the basis for career progression & promotion. We enable and support talents in reaching their highest potential.

Shoot for the moon Shoot for the moon

We set ambitious goals with a "be 10x better mindset" which forces us to always challenge question and disrupt ourselves and others. Being passionate creative and relentless are key for innovation.

Move fast - get (sh)it done Move fast - get (sh)it done

"How can we be faster?" is in our DNA because speed is needed to beat the market. We always evaluate risk vs. anticipated value to find ways to speed up. There are many situations where the risk is acceptable and the decisions and actions can be rolled back.

Achieve more with less Achieve more with less

We won’t have enough resources - ever. To be restricted forces us to always be creative and seek the highest leverage. We keep things simple.

Disagree and commit Disagree and commit

We are not a debate club nor a democracy. We decide as fast as possible. The decision owner is responsible for analysis gathering input and the discussion. This increases with greater importance or lower reversibility of the decision. In the process we are honest about our opinion have backbone and accept dissent. Once a decision is made we support it 100%. We don’t make decisions only for the sake of social cohesion.

Fail forward Fail forward

Failing is part of the process. With mistakes we look for the why not who - the learnings from our failures will make us grow. We don’t make the same mistake twice.