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 Tech & Product

This is our Tech & Product department: every day, over 400 employees ensure that the best possible shopping experience is guaranteed for our customers on the Kaufland international online marketplaces from a technical standpoint. On this page, you can find out how the department is structured, which guidelines it follows and which roles, job families and career paths there are.

Organizational Guidelines 


We follow a few basic guidelines in our Tech & Product department. They create a relationship of equals and ensure clarity regarding cooperation between the various teams and responsibilities within the divisions and product areas.

Counterparts - the interaction between the product and engineering areas

Whether at team level, in the product area or the division: tandems are formed at each hierarchy level, with (a maximum of) two people (one person from Product and one person from Engineering) having overall responsibility. They have a high level of alignment for strategic decisions, which they can ultimately make independently. In this way, we form a basis for efficient, rapid decision-making and make faster progress. The product line is responsible for all product, UX / UI & analytics topics, while the engineering line takes care of all engineering topics and tests.

Ownership – Reduce dependencies and strengthen product ownership

A product team should do everything in its power to make its 'product' successful and not be dependent on other teams. Of course, the teams depend on each other, for example when it comes to technical interfaces, but they should avoid recurring manual effort. Furthermore, we practice “weak code ownership” so that minor changes can also be adopted by other teams. Our goal: fewer handovers, clear responsibilities, faster decisions, less communication and generally more efficient processes.

Freedom - the team decides how to work

To achieve our common goals, our teams work as autonomously as possible and choose their own frameworks, tools, methods, etc. in order to work effectively towards their objectives and key results (OKRs).

Expert and management careers - both are valued equally

After reaching senior level, two equally important career options are available. On the one hand, a expert career as Staff, Principal and Distinguished Engineer or rather Engineering Manager, Head of Product Engineering and Director of Engineering. These two tracks run in parallel, e.g. in terms of compensation.

Organizational efficiency - flat hierarchies and efficient reporting lines

We always keep a close eye on the efficiency of the organization: Hierarchies remain flat and reporting lines short. It is important to us to enable effective management. This means that a manager should not have too few direct team members to avoid management overhead and not too many to ensure sufficient leadership.

Divisions & Product Areas 


Our Tech & Product department is primarily divided into two divisions: the Shopping Experience Division and the Selling & Supply Division. Both divisions focus on the customer journey on our online marketplaces. The Shopping Experience Division provides our customers with the best possible shopping experience, from the search to the final purchase. The Selling & Supply Division, on the other hand, ensures that our retailers sell their products successfully and also covers fulfillment and customer service from a technical perspective.


The Tech & Product Division can be divided into the following different levels:

  • Product Division,
  • Product Area
  • and Product Team.

Various product areas are located within the divisions, which in turn consist of cross-functional teams – usually made up of several people from different job families. The Product Ops & Growth team provides cross-functional support for the entire department.

Roles, job families & career paths 


Cross-functional teams enable a more agile and efficient way of working. Especially when they are in fast-changing environments such as e-commerce, where innovation and adaptability are crucial. In order to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience, we also work with cross-functional teams within the individual product areas.

Tech Stack 


Our teams use a combination of different software and programming tools. The tech stack differs from team to team, but here you can find a rough overview of the tools we use. (No guarantee of completeness! 😉 )

Summary: Our Tech & Product department at a glance


  • 400 employees from numerous different nations
  • 2 divisions (Shopping Experience and Selling & Supply)
  • Free choice of work location (Germany-wide)
  • Cross-functional teams with excellent career opportunities

Open Positions 


Do you want to shape the e-commerce of the future together with our Tech & Product teams today? Then become part of Kaufland e-commerce and benefit from a modern, agile workplace – whether in one of our offices in Cologne, Darmstadt or Düsseldorf or remotely from a location of your choice anywhere in Germany.

Tech Positions