Photo: Fabian Stuertz

Diversity at Kaufland e-commerce

Diversity is crucial for a lively culture of exchange and discussion. It also helps us broaden our own perspectives and engage in open dialogue with other people. For us as an employer, diversity means treating every employee, every colleague and every applicant equally. Read on to find out how we put diversity into practice and what we are doing to advocate for this issue.


Equal treatment during the application process


We treat every applicant equally. For starters, we publish every job opening with a note that all genders are welcome. Plus, you can give us your pronouns in the contact form you fill out during the application process, which ensures we will address you correctly from the get-go. As soon as your application reaches our HR department, it will only be evaluated based on your experience and skills; aspects such as gender, age, religion and origin are irrelevant.

Diversity of our colleagues


Here at Kaufland e-commerce, there are so many people with so many identities! Our roughly 850 employees come from more than 65 countries, and 44 percent of them are women.

And it’s not just words; you can really see this diversity shining through in what we do:

The most commonly spoken languages in our offices are English and German. At Kaufland e-commerce, we want to create a safe space where everyone is accepted and respected. This is the only way we can be truly innovative. We benefit from the diversity of our teams – in meetings, brainstorming sessions and problem solving. Only when people feel at ease and experience acceptance, tolerance and respect can they confidently speak up and contribute.


Our Role Model at All Times principle encompasses tolerance and respect. After all, true role models don’t participate in exclusion.

Racism has no place with us. Read up on how you can actively stand up against everyday racism here.

Social Media Campaign on the German Diversity Day 2023

We are signatories of the Diversity Charter


We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. We are official signatories of the Diversity Charter (Charta der Vielfalt). Read the text of the Charter here:

Diversity Day at Kaufland e-commerce


Every year on 28th May, we celebrate Germany’s Diversity Day. Shaped by the foundation of the Diversity Charter, calls are made for people to think of actions that will raise awareness of this topic among employees. In 2023, we organised a shared lunch in all our offices, with corresponding colourful decorations in every kitchen. There were treats from around the world. Anyone who was interested was invited to discuss diversity, either in-person or remotely. For a social media campaign, we asked our employees what diversity meant for them.

We celebrated the German Diversity Day 2023 in our offices in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt and Berlin.

Women in leadership positions and flexibility for parents


Gender does not influence our judgements – not even when it comes to career development. We consciously employ a large number of women in leadership positions – also in our tech sector. With regard to our employees who are parents, we place a strong emphasis on keeping a work-life balance by supporting them with as much flexibility as possible in terms of working hours, place of work and time off.

Read more about those topics on our blog – have a look through our articles here!