The Explore & Discover Are


Explore & Discover is the face of our international Kaufland marketplaces. The area is responsible for the entire customer journey: From coming to our homepage and searching for products until the checkout. The fields of the area include the homepage, the search, product detail pages, customer reviews, recommenders, deals, and much more.


Five cross-functional teams are currently working on these products. Every team consists of many experts such as product managers, designers, engineers, data scientists or analysts working closely together to improve the customer experience.

What motivates the Explore & Discover area?


The main goal of the area is to help customers finding products they love to buy. This affects not only customers who already have a clear understanding of what they are looking for, but they also want to inspire customers who are just browsing around.


We grew a lot in the last couple of years, but we were still able to keep the dynamic and energy of a startup. It motivates me every day to try out new ideas together with my colleagues to further bring our customer experience to the next level.

Jochen – Group Product Manager

Jochen further explains: “We are a customer facing area, thus it’s quite easy to explain our parents what we are doing. 😉 In general, we work very data driven. Thus, before we actually implement a new feature, we do a lot of UX research like customer interviews or UX Labs. Later, we put all new features into A/B tests to find out what really works and quickly iterate on these ideas. Also, the collaboration with all the different disciplines like design, product and engineering is awesome – everyone is giving their best and moves things forward at an incredible pace.”

This is Tech Stack the area is using

These are the horizontals of the area


  • Frontend/Backend-Engineers
  • Product Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Tech Lead
  • Data Scientists
  • Embedded Analyst
  • Product Operations Manager
  • Group Product Manager
  • Head of Product Engineering

How does the area communicate?


The teams of the Explore and Discover area are very autonomous and can decide how they would like to work together themselves. Most of them circle around Scrum and Kanban. Therefore, they often have the typical agile meetings like

  • dailies,
  • retrospectives
  • and plannings.

Additionally, there is a regular companywide review meeting in which the different teams present their achievements and future plans. “To align all teams in our area, we use OKRs and do regular check-ins to discuss the current status”, explains Jochen.