Vendor Management

As the Vendor Management team, we’re responsible for all supplier relationships. We treat all vendors as equals, from major global suppliers to SMEs and startups. This spirit of partnership is very important to us in our work, because this is the only way to achieve long-term success together. Our discussions with our partners aren’t only about purchasing goods, but finding holistic solutions, encompassing everything from creating a joint marketing strategy to high-quality presentation of the products in our online store to the optimisation of the logistics processes in the background.

In order to make our international online marketplaces even more attractive for the end customers, we’re also responsible for establishing partnerships with new suppliers we identify through market analyses or get to know at trade shows or personal conversations. We are excellent communicators and negotiators!

We are also highly data-driven in our work and make our decisions on the basis of numerous KPIs. We keep a constant balance between optimising customer satisfaction and constantly improving company KPIs. Profitable sales and happy customers are equally important to us. Finally, we’re a key nexus for the company and we work closely with our colleagues in customers service, marketing, logistics and IT.

Thanks to the high degree of responsibility held by every team member for a product group or project and the diverse topics we cover, no two days are the same in our team.