Your work as part of the Performance Marketing team


Users of our international online marketplaces have over 45 million products to discover. The Performance Marketing team’s job is to make the most of various channels offsite to bring the right parts of this portfolio to the right people. Sound like your dream job? Learn more about what we do in Performance Marketing at Kaufland e-commerce.

The goals we pursue as a team


The Performance Marketing team gives their all to increase traffic on our international online marketplaces and convert it into sales. Ad campaigns are performance-oriented and optimised, based on data, to hit specific target KPIs. The team puts its focus on

  • automation,
  • using beta versions,
  • A/B tests and
  • teamwork with the tech department.
Performance Marketing: What is it, actually?

As you can guess from the name, performance marketing is about performance. Unlike in classic print advertising, digital performance marketing campaigns’ success can be precisely measured. Using cookie-based tracking tools, performance marketing managers are able to create detailed analyses of KPIs like impressions, click rates or conversion rates.

To work as efficiently and goal-oriented as possible, the Performance Marketing team is subdivided into several focal points:

As soon as a potential customer submits a transactional search query in Google or Bing, the team delivers the right answer in the form of an ad. This could be a shopping ad or a text ad.

Using classic banner ads and dynamic product ads on external websites and social media, the Performance Marketing team sets its sights on new customers as well as users who already have experience with

Thanks to our listings on price comparison portals,’s product range also reaches the most price-conscious users.

How to exchange information with your team 


In Performance Marketing, just as in any other team: Communication is the name of the game! With a mix of meetings and other opportunities for exchange, the team keeps its transparency, even when fully remote.

  • Standup: Held every Monday, this is the team’s time to plan and discuss the upcoming week
  • Weekly jour fixes: In a one-on-one meeting, colleagues can break down individual topics and their current projects
  • Weekly team meeting: The whole team tackles professional and organisational issues
  • OKR meetings: These meetings deal with planning and reviewing projects that should be focal points for the coming four months.
  • Retros: These meetings provide regular chances to look back at the past quarter. The team reflects on its processes and discusses strengths, things they’ve learned, and spots to improve
  • Virtual coffee: A laid-back chat in the virtual kitchen
  • Big rock meetings: This is where big projects are discussed
To make sure all work goes smoothly, the Performance Marketing team uses several tools:

  • Confluence for documentation
  • Jira for project management
  • Miro for brainstorms (especially for kickoffs)

What makes your future team so special


Along with the facts and figures, the Performance Marketing team also places a high value on colleagues getting on well with each other. We asked a few of the team members what makes their team so special:

HERE’S WHAT Alwina, Teamlead SEA| Shopping Ads & CSE, HAS TO SAY


As the company grows, our team is also getting larger. The exciting thing about that is that we as a team can also grow into the new tasks. Our team works together to master challenges. Everyone can participate and every opinion counts! Our regular remote tea and coffee breaks give us the time to chat on a personal level.

Alwina Performance Marketing

HERE’S WHAT Robin, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, thinks


I think that what makes our work in performance marketing special is that we use both technical and creative skills. The many cross-functional topics are what make performance marketing such an exciting field to work in.