Warehouse and logistics

Our customers‘ orders are processed and shipped in an area of approximately 46,000 square metres spread over 3 locations. Our logistics teams in Bönen, Lutterberg and Cheb are responsible for this, while currently working with two different warehouse management systems. The goal of their work: To keep the order processing time as short as possible and deliver the goods to the customer in a maximum of 2 days (packages) or 5 days (forwarding deliveries). Currently, the teams work with the shipping partners DHL, DHL-2-Man-Handling, DPD and IDS. In addition, all returns are processed in the returns centre.

The warehouse in Bönen handles imports and parcels for Germany on a total area of approx. 10.000 m² and also serves as our returns centre for direct sales.

A total of around 12.000 m³ of goods can be temporarily stored in the fulfillment centre. Five unloading gates are available for the reception of imported goods and parcels as well as for the delivery of returned items. The products are stored in high and shelf racks as well as in block storage areas. A conveyor system with a total length of 200 metres conveys the picked articles to 26 packing tables where the goods are prepared for dispatch to the final customer. From there, they are transported via the conveyor system to the five gates, where the packaged items are pre-sorted according to the recipient region and loaded.

In the 10,000 m² warehouse in Lutterberg, the focus is on shipping forwarding goods and the handling of cross-docking for the German market.

A total of almost 8,600 m³ of goods can be temporarily stored in the fulfillment centre. Nine loading and unloading gates are available for the incoming goods of the mostly large-volume articles, for the delivery of cross-docking products and for the loading of customer orders. Most of the products are stored in block storage areas, but there is also capacity available in high and shelf racking. At up to 14 packing stations, the picked items are prepared for shipment to the end customer.

The 26,000 m² warehouse in Cheb, Czech Republic, mainly handles parcels and will be responsible for processing international orders and returns in the future.


In total, almost 21,200 m³ of goods can be temporarily stored in the fulfillment centre. The warehouse has a total of 46 loading and unloading gates, evenly divided for incoming and outgoing goods. The largest capacity is offered by the recently expanded high-bay racking system. As in the other two locations, the Cheb warehouse also uses shelving (pick tower on 4 levels) and block areas for storage. With the help of the latest conveyor technology over several floors and packing tables according to the latest standard, the picked articles are conveyed, packed and transported to loading.

Impressions of our warehouse in Bönen:

What is everyday working life like at the Lutterberg warehouse location, for example? We asked Warehouse Manager, Mario:



What are the tasks of your team?

Our tasks include, among other things, employee planning and notification, goods receipt including fine control, storage, picking of the ordered articles, their packaging, loading and dispatch. All this happens in line with our own very high standards. Our biggest daily challenge? To deliver the goods in perfect condition to our customers as quickly as possible.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I particularly appreciate about working at Kaufland e-commerce is the independent and varied way of working. In many areas, such as unloading or loading, excellent teamwork is required, which we demonstrate time and time again. The working atmosphere is pleasant, everyone knows each other on a first-name basis and on equal terms – there are no wide hierarchies.


How do you maintain the team spirit?

In our common room, we put our skills and team spirit to the test at the football table. We also like to barbecue together, order pizzas or go out to eat together. Summer parties and Christmas celebrations will finally be possible again soon, and the plans for those are already coming together.

Impressions of our warehouse in Cheb:


When you start your new job at one of the warehouse locations, standardised familiarisation programmes, so-called SOPs, and the onboarding plan await you. This ensures that you get to know each of the areas so that you can then work as flexibly as possible with us. You also get a personally appointed trainer who will support you with onboarding and answer any questions you may have. We’ve also made videos of many processes, so you can watch them again if you get stuck.

Every morning there is a communal meeting where the teams are divided into specific areas and priorities are clarified.

There is a Warehouse Manager, a Deputy Warehouse Manager, two team leads, the warehouse team and administrative staff for the inbound and outbound areas.

You do not need a driving licence to work in the warehouse itself, but it would be an advantage as the halls in the warehouse sites are difficult to reach without a car.

Yes, our warehouses are operational from Monday to Saturday.

Every newbie is initially trained in all areas. Depending on your strengths and interests, you can be deployed as flexibly as possible so that your work always remains varied, and you become a real all-rounder.

Are you a strategist rather than a packer? Then take a look at our Fulfillment department which is responsible for coordinating and improving warehouse processes – both in Germany and internationally.