4 questions for … Mascia

Our series “4 questions for…” brings you wide-ranging and often surprising insights into our daily work here at Kaufland e-commerce. This time, Mascia is going to explain how a talent for languages can be the perfect foundation for a career in the SEO team.


1. Hi, Mascia! You are a Junior SEO Manager. Tell us: Which parts of your job do you like best and why?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. But actually, what we do is focus on the human user: We have to put ourselves in the user’s shoes. It’s our job to identify anything that might get in the user’s way while using our online marketplace and to find potential for improvement in general. That means we act as both user and creator at the same time. For example, imagine that you want to buy a pink skirt and land in an online shop. And now, imagine you’re able to change anything you don’t like about that online shop, or to add new features to it. Isn’t that exciting?

2. Which steps do you consider to be the most important on your journey to Kaufland e-commerce?


My path to Kaufland e-commerce (KEC) was pretty chaotic. First, I studied conference interpreting. Back then, I had no idea what SEO was actually about. But then I got a job as a working student in a marketing agency and noticed that I liked the work there better than my actual field of study. That led me to take a class in digital communication – after finishing my master’s degree – and gradually gave me all the skills I would need to thrive in the tech field.

Starting at KEC was not only the beginning of my professional career but also boosted my learning experience. And at the same time, I realized that my language background was quite helpful for my current position. SEO is based on keywords, and decoding these keywords makes up a big part of my daily work.

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3. Is there a project which you are currently working on (or have worked on) at KEC that is particularly close to your heart?


Definitely: Our SQL Fab Lab!

But let’s start at the beginning: I’m super interested in team dynamics. I’m fascinated by how teams work together in so many different ways and the huge influence this has on the success of the whole company, as well as people’s personal lives. Plus, I love to learn. Recently, I was able to connect both of these aspects in one of my favorite projects, the SQL Fab Lab. “Fab” is short for fabulous. I wanted to learn SQL to be independent from other departments when it comes to data and analysis – and so did many of my teammates. I contacted our BI (Business Intelligence) team, and we created a class which was dedicated to the special needs of our daily work. Weekly learning units were accompanied by “homework”, follow-up assignments to previous tasks with enough time to deepen our knowledge.

Learning a new skill feels empowering on its own, but doing it as a team feels fulfilling on a whole new level. Being part of the same learning process brought us closer as a team. Seeing the developments of each individual strengthened our trust in each other. And nothing is more motivating than some healthy pressure to succeed from your favorite colleague.


4. What has impressed you the most since joining our company?


I think it’s important to feel safe in order to put your own talents and your calling into practice. At Kaufland e-commerce, I always felt safe: Safe enough to reach out to other people when I had an issue, safe in the knowledge I would be supported in voicing and trying out my own ideas, and safe enough to make mistakes and share my opinion. Plus, we really do know how to party. 😊

Thank you so much for the fascinating insights!