Tech & Teach fundraiser: A second life for laptops and PCs

To ensure that all the processes of the online marketplace run smoothly, our techies don’t just rely on the best software: the hardware being used must also always be up to date, so regular equipment replacement is essential.

Donating instead of throwing away

But just because the technology for our tech team’s high demands quickly becomes obsolete, that doesn’t mean that the desktops, laptops and the like are generally no longer usable. Also in the spirit of sustainability, which is an important priority in our company, we do not simply dispose of functional old equipment such as PCs in the trash can: Instead, we donate our technology by cooperating with non-profit companies that use the equipment for meaningful aid projects.

For this fundraiser, we worked with the Tech & Teach organization.

Did you know that the majority of the two tons of electronic waste generated each year consists of PCs? Even as an individual, you can help reduce electronic waste. That’s why it can make sense to give away functioning PCs via ad portals or donate them to nearby schools. There are also NGOs that accept donated laptops, refurbish them and then send them to various projects.

Our outdated, but still functioning hardware doesn’t go in the trash, but gets donated.

What’s behind the Tech & Teach initiative?

The Tech & Teach organization not only promotes digitalization in schools, but also aims to give all children access to digital education. The initiative primarily supports digital education and the improvement of digital skills, for example by providing teachers with appropriate training. Tech & Teach offers training courses on IT and media education, among other things.

The „Codingschule“ and „Hey, Alter“

Covid not only required rethinking in our work lives: Many schools that had previously been poorly equipped when it comes to Tech also had to replan for homeschooling. But financial resources are notoriously limited, so students from financially weak families who do not own their own PCs or Internet-enabled laptops were at a disadvantage. This is where the Codingschule tries to compensate: The non-profit organization not only teaches children and adults how to program, but also supports children from financially weak families.

Our second technology donation went to the organization „Hey, Alter.“ The non-profit organization collects old computers from institutions and private households, refurbishes them, and then distributes the PCs to students who have been unable to participate in homeschooling or have only been able to do so to a limited extent due to a lack of technical resources.

We are proud that our donations have been so well received and are already looking forward to supporting another project with discarded technology!