Our mentoring programme

Here at Kaufland e-commerce, we place great value on supporting our employees in developing their full potential over the long term. For our aspiring managers,...


Cheers to Her: Our Event for International Women’s Day

21.03.2024 0 von Elena Busche

On International Women's Day, we not only celebrate the achievements of women worldwide but also reflect on the challenges and progress towards gender equality, especially...


Digital Onboarding with our Welcome Day

05.03.2024 0 von Elena Busche

The onboarding at Kaufland e-commerce is completely digital. This allows us to recruit new colleagues throughout Germany. The introduction process varies from team to team...


Part-Time-Leadership: On the road to more efficiency and flexibility

31.01.2024 0 von Elena Busche

Executives and people in leading positions should be present 24/7? These times are over. At Kaufland e-commerce, we make it possible to work in part-time...


4 questions for… Johannes

29.11.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Our series “4 questions for…” brings you wide-ranging and often surprising insights into our daily work here at Kaufland e-commerce. This time, Johannes is going...


Leveraging the power of AI

07.11.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Back in mid-October 2023, just as the weather outside was growing colder, our brains and keyboards were heating up. Our Tech & Product department organised...


KEC goes Schwarz Digits: The new division of the Schwarz Group

23.10.2023 0 von Julia Götzl

“Things that belong together will find their way to each other…” This was the motto of the day when over 4,000 people met at the...


4 questions for … Mascia

21.09.2023 0 von Julia Götzl

Our series “4 questions for...” brings you wide-ranging and often surprising insights into our daily work here at Kaufland e-commerce. This time, Mascia is going...


Brown bag sessions at Kaufland e-commerce

Enjoy the lunch break together, listen to exciting lectures and even get treated to a meal: Does that sound good to you? Our colleagues from...


Team Events at Kaufland e-commerce

22.08.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Twice a year, every team at Kaufland e-commerce has the opportunity to host a company-paid team event. In this blog, we'll tell you all about...


4 questions for … Nora

10.08.2023 0 von Salome Schwarz

In our “4 questions for...” series, some of our colleagues share their experiences at Kaufland e-commerce with you. Previously, Caro told us about her experiences...


4 Questions for… Caro

11.07.2023 0 von Lars Ehrlich

1. Hi, Caro! You’re the Head of Seller Support at Kaufland e-Commerce – what does that job entail, and what do you enjoy most about...


Women in Leadership Roles at Kaufland e-commerce

In our new series of blog posts, “Women in Leadership Roles at KEC”, we’ll let the leaders speak for themselves. They’ll provide fascinating insights into...


There from the beginning: Sybille’s journey from intern to Team Lead

12.05.2023 0 von Sina Buchwitz

When Sybille joined the company almost ten years ago, both she and the start-up were still fresh to e-commerce. Then a student of media cultural...


4 questions for … Hannah

23.03.2023 0 von Elena Busche

In our format "4 questions for ..." some of our colleagues share their experiences with Kaufland e-commerce with you. Last time we asked Salome, this...