4 questions for… Johannes

29.11.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Our series “4 questions for…” brings you wide-ranging and often surprising insights into our daily work here at Kaufland e-commerce. This time, Johannes is going...


Leveraging the power of AI

07.11.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Back in mid-October 2023, just as the weather outside was growing colder, our brains and keyboards were heating up. Our Tech & Product department organised...


KEC goes Schwarz Digits: The new division of the Schwarz Group

23.10.2023 0 von Julia Götzl

“Things that belong together will find their way to each other…” This was the motto of the day when over 4,000 people met at the...


4 questions for … Mascia

21.09.2023 0 von Julia Götzl

Our series “4 questions for...” brings you wide-ranging and often surprising insights into our daily work here at Kaufland e-commerce. This time, Mascia is going...


Brown bag sessions at Kaufland e-commerce

Enjoy the lunch break together, listen to exciting lectures and even get treated to a meal: Does that sound good to you? Our colleagues from...


Team Events at Kaufland e-commerce

22.08.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Twice a year, every team at Kaufland e-commerce has the opportunity to host a company-paid team event. In this blog, we'll tell you all about...


4 questions for … Nora

10.08.2023 0 von Salome Schwarz

In our “4 questions for...” series, some of our colleagues share their experiences at Kaufland e-commerce with you. Previously, Caro told us about her experiences...


4 Questions for… Caro

11.07.2023 0 von Lars Ehrlich

1. Hi, Caro! You’re the Head of Seller Support at Kaufland e-Commerce – what does that job entail, and what do you enjoy most about...


Women in Leadership Roles at Kaufland e-commerce

In our new series of blog posts, “Women in Leadership Roles at KEC”, we’ll let the leaders speak for themselves. They’ll provide fascinating insights into...


There from the beginning: Sybille’s journey from intern to Team Lead

12.05.2023 0 von Sina Buchwitz

When Sybille joined the company almost ten years ago, both she and the start-up were still fresh to e-commerce. Then a student of media cultural...


4 questions for … Hannah

23.03.2023 0 von Elena Busche

In our format "4 questions for ..." some of our colleagues share their experiences with Kaufland e-commerce with you. Last time we asked Salome, this...


“I didn’t mean it that way!” Let’s talk about everyday racism and how to counter it.

21.03.2023 0 von Julia Götzl

“Where do you come from?” “Cologne.” “No, I mean, where do you really come from?” This question is a widespread example of one of the...


The Leadership Circle in January 2023: How team rituals foster great teamwork

Do workplace rituals have a positive influence on team cohesion and job motivation? This is the exact question that was presented to participants in the...


flex.forward: Our solution for your development

21.02.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Do you feel stuck right now? Have your tasks become routine and you see nothing new on the horizon within your area of responsibility? Then...


4 questions for … Salome

18.01.2023 0 von Elena Busche

Welcome to our new format: “4 questions for...” In this space, a few of our colleagues will share their experiences at Kaufland e-commerce with you....