4 questions for … Nora

In our “4 questions for…” series, some of our colleagues share their experiences at Kaufland e-commerce with you. Previously, Caro told us about her experiences at the company. This time we are chatting to Nora, who has just taken on a new role as Social Media Team Lead after several years with the company.


1. Nora, you’ve been part of our company for more than five years now and you’ve worked your way up to Team Lead. How did you get there?


During my Master’s degree in Management and Marketing, it was already clear to me that I wanted to aim for a career in B2C marketing after graduation. Then when I finished at the beginning of 2018, it all went really quickly! I started as an online marketing trainee at what was then real.digital. From my very first day, I was able to immerse myself in the social media sphere. I mainly looked after the Twitter account, and I set up the Pinterest channel as well as the topic of influencer marketing. The trainee period flew by and I soon became a permanent Social Media Manager. My responsibilities at this time shifted mainly to our Instagram account and later also included Facebook. What I particularly enjoyed during this period were the collaborations with many big brands from various product categories – particularly for the brick-and-mortar area of real.

After 4 years at the company, I became a Senior Social Media Manager and took on more and more strategic topics and task allocations. After a year in this position, I was approached by the company to take over as Team Lead for the Social Media Team. My initial nervousness about the role quickly gave way to joy at the opportunity to tackle a new challenge and develop myself further. Looking back, I can say that the path I’ve taken so far has prepared me perfectly for this position. On the one hand, I am grateful for the trust and support I have received, and on the other, I am proud of myself. I didn’t have this path in mind back in 2018 – fresh out of university – and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and the Social Media Team!


2. You’ve only recently taken on the role of Team Lead – how has this transition been for you so far and what aspect of the position are you most looking forward to in the future?


My transition to the new position went very smoothly, which I owe to many different people. What particularly helped was the support of my CRM Lead, Martin, who always challenged and encouraged me with regard to my skills. I also received support from the HR side, with various training courses and the opportunity to participate in a mentor programme, for example. And finally, I’m the Lead of a fantastic team that is characterised by great commitment, mutual support and open and transparent communication. I’m particularly looking forward to continuing to implement exciting projects with them and to achieving milestones such as the internationalisation of our online marketplace. Also, I can’t wait to see each team member grow in their skills and have some real fun while doing so!

3. What do you appreciate about Kaufland e-commerce as an employer?


Kaufland e-commerce has a culture that seems unique to me. We have several corporate principles that we really adhere to: from Act as a company owner to Create transparency, earn trust and Fail forward. If there’s an issue, several colleagues are on hand with their sleeves already rolled up, ready to help out in any way they can. Through flat hierarchies and transparent communication, everyone has the opportunity to take on responsibility and get their ideas heard. This creates a motivated and trusting working atmosphere, so we can tackle every challenge together with confidence. Even though I appreciate the possibility of working remotely, I also like going to the office so that I don’t miss out on casual exchanges too – every so often, you develop unexpected connections with colleagues from other departments.

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4. What advice would you give to prospective colleagues when they start at the company?


Have the courage to proactively get involved from the beginning. Find creative solutions, set out new paths and ask questions. This way, we can develop together as a company, but you’ll also certainly progress personally in your career. At this point, I’d like to mention the topic of female empowerment, which is also close to my heart: Trust in your abilities and look for role models and/or mentors with whom you can prepare yourself for certain situations or reflect on them.