4 questions for … Salome

Welcome to our new format: “4 questions for…” In this space, a few of our colleagues will share their experiences at Kaufland e-commerce with you. Let’s start with Salome from Munich. She started with an internship here in January 2021, and has been working full-time for Kaufland e-commerce since October 2022.

1. Salome, you went from an intern to being a junior online editor – meaning that once you were done with your studies, you chose Kaufland e-commerce as an employer. Tell us how it happened.

When I started my internship in the online editorial team at Kaufland e-commerce, I was working on the last semester of my master’s degree in media studies. Back then, I was mostly writing guides for Kaufland.de. As soon as I started the onboarding, I realised I could learn a lot in this position. And even more so working at a company that was large and still growing: It gave me insights into the world of online marketing that I simply hadn’t been able to access in my studies. When my degree course was winding down, I was offered a full-time position as a junior online editor, which opened up the prospect of an even larger scope of duties. This seemed like a great opportunity to start my career. I’ve been in the position for a few months now, and am still always learning about new areas I can grow into.

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2. What is the best part about having a job at Kaufland e-commerce?

From a careers perspective, I really like that I was given a lot of trust from the very beginning, and had the feeling that to a large extent I was able to work independently. But I still always get support when I have questions or problems, and I get feedback on my work regularly. I also like that I get to learn about new areas of the job all the time, which helps me continue to grow. Plus, the company culture and the interaction between my colleagues, as well as with managers, is very pleasant. Another big plus is the flexibility – such as being able to work remotely, which meant I didn’t have to decide whether to move to take the job.


3. What would you recommend to other graduates when it comes to choosing their first job?

I would say that you should look for an employer that gives you the feeling they care about investing in new employees’ training and development. When you’re just starting out and don’t have much work experience, a good onboarding process is worth its weight in gold. It means you don’t have to feel so nervous about this huge life change. I had this experience at Kaufland e-commerce, and I really appreciated it.


4. Fun fact: What surprised you the most about Kaufland e-commerce?

I was surprised by how often I was in contact with my colleagues, even though we’re working remotely, and I was surprised how integrated into a team you can feel even when you only use chat services and video calls. 🙂